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"First and foremost, I am an unapologetic constitutional conservative, and a proud supporter of our President, Donald Trump." - Andrew Shecktor

A lifelong Pennsylvania resident, Andrew Shecktor was born in historic Philadelphia just blocks from the Liberty Bell and raised in Plymouth Meeting. He lives with his wife Jean in Berwick where he has resided since 2005. He is the proud father of 5 grown children, 3 daughters and 2 sons.

As an elected member of Berwick Borough Council fought for the rights of the residents and has worked to keep excessive government control in check. He also sits on the Berwick Planning Commission. Early in his political career he worked for U.S. Congressman Lawrence Coughlin (13th Congressional District, deceased) and was on U.S. Congressman Jon Fox's Congressional Computer Advisory Committee.

Currently he is a technical consultant for the Network Solutions division of Prior to that he was an electrical engineer and information technology manager. He was the Director of Biomedical Engineering at Lower Bucks Hospital for a number of years, and was a Network Operations Manager for GE Capital. While he had many opportunities to "climb the corporate ladder", his heart was always in community and charitable support. He devoted his life to these causes and never looked back.

Andrew was a volunteer firefighter for several fire departments for 41 years, and is active in emergency services and military communication. He is also a long time ham radio operator, and was the Section Emergency Coordinator and Assistant Section Manager for the ARRL ham radio organization. As cofounder of the "Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue" group he helped mold this organization into one of the finest search and rescue groups in the state.

He is a published author of several books, the most recent being "Dark Water : Game Over", the accounting of his 2016 encounters with a Bulgarian whistleblower.

In 2016 and 2020 he was an elected delegate to the Republican National Convention and supported our 45th President, Donald Trump. During the 2016 election, He had the opportunity to meet more than 22,000 residents of the 9th (former 11th) Congressional District, which helped him better understand the expectations of an elected official and the frustrations with the current status-quo government. The resounding response was they want their voices heard. Officials are elected to represent the people, not the other way around. There needs to be more input from the voters on matters that are brought before the Congress. The rationale for legislation enacted by Congress or by any elected official should be communicated to the public; particularly in instances of controversial legislation. Not everyone will be happy with every decision, but everyone should be able to have their voice heard.

Andrew Shecktor


Constitutional Rights

The Constitution is law and should not be open to interpretation nor should its contents ever be dismissed. I fully support the first and second amendment as written without compromise or interpretation.

Gun Rights

Guns don't kill people - People kill people. We don't need more gun laws. In fact, gun laws and carry laws should be universal and reciprocal. Criminal laws need to be tougher and be consistently enforced. The penalty should be what deters crime.

Veterans Affairs

Our military veterans deserve better. The rate of homelessness and suicide among veterans is atrocious. War related illnesses including PTSD are pushed under the rug. Unemployment among veterans is higher than the general public. We need to do more for those who risked their lives for our future and our security.

Core values:

Energy, Climate and Pollution -

Build Back Better isn't a bad idea, but the Democrats version will bankrupt America and will not solve any of our infrastructure or energy problems. The Biden sponsored bills promote complex technologies that create as much pollution and waste as we currently produce, and promote the practice of using slaves or low paid labor in unregulated nations to provide the materials needed. Electric vehicles are not the answer. They are inconvenient at best, and the infrastructure to provide power and charging stations is not doable. We should commit our resources to Nuclear Fusion, a safe technology that could provide clean energy pretty much forever, with no hazardous waste. It would also provide sufficient power to operate seawater desalination systems to resolve one of our most pressing problems, clean water supply. Water could also be broken down to provide hydrogen to fuel our vehicles as easilly as fueling then with gasoline. The only byproduct of such a vehicle would be plain water. China is way ahead of us with this technology and it won't take long before it is viable.

Domestic Economy -

Our current economic situation is worse than it was at the height of the Great Depression in 1932. We fail to see just how bad it is because we use taxpayer money to subsidize businesses that are "Too big to fail " and able bodied people who should be out looking for work. We need to stop supporting these businesses and we need to create new job opportunities for those out of work. We need to encourage full time jobs with benefits and discourage part time work without benefits -. We must stop printing trillions of dollars of soon to be worthless fiat money and find a way to reduce our national debt.

Budget -

A balanced budget must be worked out, including a significant reduction in our deficit. This will require extensive cutbacks which should begin with cutbacks to foreign nations and non-essential projects and services. We must begin to realize that our nation is bankrupt and we can't keep creating and spending money we don't have. If projects are cut, the wealthy with personal interest in those projects will step up to the plate and provide funding by reinventing their business plans. This has been proven time and time again.

Downsize Government -

We need to reduce duplicity in government and reduce the number of taxing agencies as well as the number of taxes. We are taxed too many times for the same wage, product and service. Obsolete and outdated legislation needs to be removed. Redundant laws need to be consolidated. Conflicting legislation needs to be corrected. Government agencies that chain small and midsize business with petty rules, taxation and restrictions should be totally eliminated.

Employment -

There is an urgent need to close the gap of the wealthiest versus the poorest Americans. Jobs that pay wages that families can live on must be created and people must be motivated and educated to be able to obtain this employment. Staying out of the workforce should not be encouraged or subsidized.

Industry -

Industry that creates jobs for humans should be encouraged and incentives should be given to them based on the number of jobs they are providing. Industry that discourages jobs for people and replaces people with automation should be penalized for the loss they have created. Also, employers who export jobs overseas should be penalized. Those that create jobs for U.S. citizens should be encouraged. We need to find a way to maintain human jobs in an era of automation and technology which is eliminating jobs at a devastating rate (big business doesn't seem to care that once they eliminate all the jobs, there will be no one to buy their products!)

Health care -

Affordable health care should be available for everyone, including those with pre-existing conditions. The cost of health insurance, copays, deductibles and pharmaceuticals should be affordable; not just the cost of the insurance. Free market insurance with cross - state sales ability should be able to achieve this if greed and corruption is eliminated by severely penalizing those who overcharge and by providing incentives to those who keep costs down. Also, hospitals should be operated as non-profit or not for profit entities. No one should profit excessively off another's illness.

Drug abuse -

Drug abuse in this country is costing many billions of dollars. The costs include medical services, police enforcement, family breakup and the cost of public assistance to those who are unemployable due to their abuse of legal and illegal drugs.

Immigration -

Legal immigration is how our country was formed. All potential immigrants must be thoroughly vetted however to ensure that no terrorist or dangerous person is imported in the name of resettling.

National Security -

The United States should defend itself against external aggressions or actions that affect or may affect national security. We should not be the "world police" nor should our personal privacy or security be compromised in the name of national security.

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